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Offering multiple marine engine types across three different powertrain platforms, our portfolio of products includes a number of important marine-specific features, such as corrosion-resistant alloys, engine oil sealing systems, and cooling systems that are compatible with both saltwater and freshwater environments. Advanced performance- and efficiency-optimizing technologies, including Variable Valve Timing and Direct Fuel Injection, can also be found in many of our engines.
GM Marine Engine Technology Gen-V series small-block engine
Gen-V Series
GM engineers spent more than 10 million computational analysis hours creating the next-generation Gen-V engine. Carefully designed to support the most ideal combination of Direct Injection, Active Fuel Management, and Variable Valve Timing—all of which translate into enhanced power and fuel efficiency—the Gen-V platform is available across three different displacements. Efficiency is even further improved with an all-new weight-saving cylinder block casting, increased compression ratios, and oil-jet piston cooling. Engineered for some of the most powerful on-road vehicles in the GM lineup, including the current-generation Corvette Stingray, Gen-V Series engines are then marinized for the specific demands of on-water applications.

Gen-V Series engines from GM Marine Engine Technology are used by Nautique, Centurion, MasterCraft, and other high-end boat brands.

Available Models:
GM Marine Engine Technology Gen-1e series small-block engine
Gen-1e Series
The Gen-1e 5.7L V8 is a legend in the marine industry. With its on-road roots running back to 1955, the current 5.7L builds on the impressive power and dependability of the original GM small-block. Introduced as a performance engine in the ‘67 Camaro, the 5.7L eventually became the best-known and most widely used Chevrolet small-block engine. With decades of proven marinization—and millions of engines sold in GM vehicles—the 5.7L has long been a go-to choice for boatbuilders looking for a power-dense engine that’s durable and cost-efficient.

Gen-1e Series engines from GM Marine Engine Technology can be found in MasterCraft and other popular boat brands.

Available models:
Gen-IV Series
General Motors’ legendary small-block architecture, which was introduced 60 years ago for on-road vehicles and continues to power through the 21st century, is a workhorse in the marine industry. Widely known as the “LS” platform, a nickname given to the series by enthusiasts who recognized the engines’ tremendous performance capabilities, the Gen-IV remains a proven powertrain. And with its compact size and powerful output, it’s a popular choice for boatbuilders in the competitive water-sports market.

Gen-IV Series engines from GM Marine Engine Technology can be found in many high-end boat brands using Ilmor, PCM, and Volvo Penta products.

Available models:
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